Administrators can call other administrators directly from the dialer by dialing @ followed by the name of the user they are trying to contact. For example, an administrator would enter "@Abbi" to call Abbi.

Calling usernames will only work if that user is:

currently logged onto SignalWire Work

in a room or waiting on the Home Screen

When called by username, users will hear the sound of a telephone ringing and see a notification that you are calling them. They will be given the option to accept or decline. If the user accepts, SignalWire Work will automatically create a new room by the name of that user.

Calling users by username will create a direct 1:1 call that behaves differently than a conference room. The call will not be previewed on the Home Screen and there are different controls displayed on the Main Menu.

Click the arrow icon in the Main Menu to transfer to a different number or a conference. Click the "attended transfer" check box to place the call on hold before you make a transfer. Attended transfers are helpful in use cases where you need time to quickly catch a coworker up to date on a case before sending a customer their way.

Dialer Pad
The dialer icon will open up a number pad which can be used on calls that require you to enter digits, for example, IVR's that require you to enter a number to move on to the next prompt.

Click the pause icon to put the call on hold; clicking it again will take it off of hold.

Click the microphone icon to mute and unmute your audio.

Video Mute
Click the camera icon to mute and unmute your video.

Click the phone icon to end the call. Hanging up will automatically take you back to the Home Screen.
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