As an administrator, you can send audio alerts to all rooms simultaneously. Use cases for this intercom feature include:

Emergencies affecting one or more office locations

Outages of critical internal services

Reminding employees of the start of a company meeting or event

To send a system alert using the intercom feature:

Ensure you are logged in an administrator. Guest users cannot send system alerts using the intercom feature.

From the dialer, enter "intercom" (instead of a normal room name).

Once you enter the intercom function, click the keypad icon

When prompted, be prepared to speak your message and press #. You will be given the option to press 1 to send the recording, 2 to review it, or 3 to rerecord it.

Once you press 1, the message will be broadcast, along with an alert tone, to all rooms with active participants — except those rooms where the moderator has set "avoid interruptions" from the Rooms tab in the Settings submenu.
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