SignalWire Work allows the moderator to choose the most appropriate video layout for the room type. SignalWire is in real time, therefore layouts are in the same arrangement for every participant in the conference.

Below are some descriptions of the video layouts available in SignalWire Work:

Highlight 1 Speaker - Automatically enlarges video of the participant that is actively speaking while surrounded by the other participants' smaller videos. The layout role can be set to "Guest 1" to lock a user into the Active Speaker position.

Grid - lines up participants equally across room (a la The Brady Brunch) The Grid layout is automatic and does not require a role to be set.

Watch Party - Can be used when jointly watching an MP4 file or YouTube URL played into the conference, or to put focus on a screen share or presenter. The layout role can be set to "Main Content" to lock a user or video into the Watch Party position.

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