The Users tab is where you can delegate SignalWire Work system administration to other users.

Note that while administrators also have moderator privileges, these administrator accounts also have the ability to change system-level settings.

For granting moderator privileges without system administration capabilities, you can issue moderator PINs for individual rooms.

To add an administrative user:

Click Menu and then click Administration.

Click on Users

Click Add New User

Enter the user's name and email address.
Choose if the user will be a Member or Administrator.
The user's Company and Phone number can be entered but it is not required.
Click Add User.

To modify any of the above settings an existing user:

Click the pencil (✎) to the right of the user to modify.

Click Save.

To remove a user.

Click the X icon (🗑) to the right of the user to remove.

To verify deletion, click the X icon again.

Users that were created not using Single Sign-On (SAML), can be resent the invitation email for their SignalWire Work account.

Click the add user icon to the right of the user. An email will be sent to the user's email address.

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