SignalWire doesn't currently have a feature for closed captioning or subtitles with conferences. However, if using SignalWire Chrome or viewing a SignalWire stream via YouTube, you can make use of their closed captioning features.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome has a Live Caption feature that can be enabled in the Settings.

Open Chrome browser and type chrome://settings/accessibility in the URL bar.

Or, click on the vertical three dots at the top right of page and then click on Settings. Scroll to Advanced and click the carrot to expand and then click on Accessibility.

Toggle the Live caption slider to enable it

Caption preferences will open the closed captions settings for your computer's system for customization

Read more about Live Caption in Google Chrome here


If SignalWire is streaming from YouTube, Closed Captioning can be turned on via the YouTube video:

The Closed Captioning option will be visible on the bottom right of the video player.
To turn on Captions, click the option.
To turn off captions, click again.

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