What is a Group on SignalWire?

Groups are a way to sort users in order to make customizing your instance easier. Groups allow you to hide rooms, grant permissions, and grant User Types for a specific group of users. This feature is often used in an office setting to group departments together. In this way, the sales team can be granted moderator permissions in the sales rooms but not marketing rooms. As an administrator, you are able to create an edit groups.

How to Create a Group

Click System Menu
Click System Settings
Click Groups
Click the + icon in the Group List heading
Choose a name for your group
Check which roles apply (you may choose more than one and will apply to all members of this group)
Check which users are in this group
Check which room or rooms these new settings apply to (this group will not have roles in rooms un-checked unless they are already selected individually as global Moderators or Administrators)
Click Save

Creating Groups is a good way to allow specific users to be a Moderator or Administrator in one room but not another, known as Room Moderators and Room Managers respectively. To do this, create a group with the user or users you want to give a role to, select either "Moderator," "Administrator," or both, select the room or rooms you want their permissions to apply to, and then click "Save."

Room Manager

Room Manager 2
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