With the advent of modern collaboration applications, such as G Suite and Microsoft 365, multiple people often simultaneously review and edit documents in real-time. For a better conferencing experience in these situations, you can“float” a smaller version of the SignalWire window on your desktop, enabling you to maintain face-to-face contact with your collaborators while immersed in G Suite or Office 365 editing sessions. This feature is called "Picture in Picture" in SignalWire.

To turn on Picture in Picture:

From the Main menu, choose Video Settings.

Click Picture in Picture. A smaller version of the SignalWire window will appear.

Change the active application. The smaller SignalWire window will 'float' over the new active application window. The smaller SignalWire Work Window can also be moved around the active/main window to make optimal use of the screen real estate.

To return to the full-size SignalWire Window:

Hover the mouse pointer over the floating window. An expand icon will appear in the lower center of floating window.
Click the expand icon.

To close Picture in Picture:
Hover the mouse pointer over the floating window. A close icon ( X ) will appear in the upper right corner.
Click the close icon ( X ) in the floating window. The floating window should disappear or close.
The room is still active in the original SignalWire window. Navigate back to the window to see other participants.

Picture in Picture is not compatible with FireFox. To use PIcture in Picture feature, open SignalWire using Edge, Chrome, Safari, or Opera.
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