Integrating SignalWire Work with your SignalWire space will enable SignalWire Work to take advantage of telephone voice and SMS.

initiate automatic dial-outs to users to when the first participant enters a room
initiate on-demand dial-outs to invite users to rooms
direct inbound calls directly into rooms

initiate automatic notifications via SMS when participants enter rooms
initiate on-demand SMS invitations to conferences
direct inbound SMS messages to the text chat during conferences (e.g., "sorry, I'll be running late.")

To begin, purchase a phone number from within the SignalWire Space by clicking Phone Numbers from the menu on the left side.

In the upper right of the Purchased Numbers screen, click +New ( or Get a Phone Number ) and purchase a number.

If number already purchased, go to step #3).
Once purchased, will be directed to the Edit Phone Number screen.
Under the Voice and Fax Settings section, navigate to Accept Incoming Calls and choose Voice Calls. For Handle Calls Using, choose LaML Webhooks. For When a call comes in, enter a link of the form: https://SW_DOMAIN_DOMAIN/laml/YOUR_ROOM_NAME

Under the Messaging Settings section, navigate to Handle Messages Using, choose LaML Webhooks. For When a message comes in, enter a link of the form: https://SW_DOMAIN_DOMAIN/laml/YOUR_ROOM_NAME

Click Save. Leave the SignalWire space window open in the project with the phone number that was just directed to the SignalWire Work room.
On the left-hand side bar, click API. Then click the +New to create an API Token.

In another tab, open up SignalWire. Click the System Menu in the upper right hand corner and navigate to System Settings and then the Global tab. Scroll to the bottom and input the Space URL, Project ID, and Auth Token. These values can be copied by hovering over them on the API page in the space. To copy the Auth Token, click Show before the copy icon will appear. Lastly, the Default SMS From Number will need to be added. Any number that is in the project whose ID and API token was used can be chosen. This can be the same number configured already or an additional one that is purchased.

To complete the integration, scroll down to the Connector Status section. If Unconfigured, click Connect Now! A new tab will open to the New FreeSWITCH Connection screen in your SignalWire Space. Click Connect. An Edit FreeSWITCH Connection window should appear. Once a green Created Successfully message in the upper right screen is seen, close the tab to return to the SignalWire Work screen. Allow 3-4 minutes for the syncing to complete. Refresh the browser window and verify that Connector Status now says REGED. SMS to the specified number to send a message to the chat window and use inbound calling to the specified number to patch in users via audio only can now be used.

Note: The room name can not have a space in it or the webhook will not configure correctly at this time.
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