Pins help to secure SignalWire Work rooms and can be set globally for all rooms, only for specific rooms, or while in a room.

Setting a PIN globally for all rooms:

Navigate to the Menu and click Administration

Select the Global

In the Room Security section, a default pin can be set in the PIN field. A Moderator PIN can be set as well.

Setting PIN for a specific room:

Navigate to the Menu and click Administration

Select the Rooms

Click on the name of the room you'd like to add a PIN from the Room List

Scroll to Room Security section and add a PIN to the PIN field

The Require Moderator option listed in Rooms tab, determines whether guests can speak to each other before the Moderator arrives in a conference. A pin set for a individual room will override the pin set at the global settings level.

Setting a temporary PIN while in a room:

Select Advanced Controls on the banner

In the ROOM SETTINGS tab a PIN can be added to the PIN fields (a moderator pin can be set as well using the Set Moderator PIN field below).

A pin set in this manner, will be temporary and will expire as soon as the user who created the pin, has left the room. The temporary pin though will not override a permanent pin set for the room in System Settings.
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