The SignalWire Work Do not disturb feature allows participants to establish their presence as well as their immediate availability for collaboration if required, but allows them stay focused on their work rather than in constant side-chatter. The concept is that individual users can simultaneously "mute" and "deafen" their feeds, so they cannot be heard, nor can they hear anyone else.

Participants with Do not disturb enabled are depicted with a red border around their participant panels, as well as fist icon to "knock" on their panel.

To enter Do not disturb mode:

Hover over the Do Not Disturb (DND) icon

Click the icon to Enable and click the same icon to Disable (will now say Stop DND)

Knock on a participants panel while they are in do not disturb mode to get their attention.

When the panel is knocked while the participant is in Do not disturb mode, the participant will be notified with the below:

The participant can either return to the conference or dismiss the request.
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