Integrating SignalWire Work with your SignalWire space will enable SignalWire Work to take advantage of telephone voice and SMS.

initiate automatic dial-outs to users to when the first participant enters a room
initiate on-demand dial-outs to invite users to rooms
direct inbound calls directly into rooms

initiate automatic notifications via SMS when participants enter rooms
initiate on-demand SMS invitations to conferences
direct inbound SMS messages to the text chat during conferences (e.g., "sorry, I'll be running late.")

This section describes the setup process. The SignalWire Work Moderator Guide describes the use of the features in greater detail.

To setup the integration, there are number of steps:

Configuring LaML settings for phone numbers
Assigning SignalWire space credentials to your SignalWire Work Global settings
Setting up an integration in your SignalWire space

LaML settings
You can direct inbound calls and inbound SMS messages directly into your SignalWire Work rooms.

To purchase a phone number:

In your SignalWire space, choose Phone Numbers from the menu on the left side
In the upper right fo the Purchased Numbers screen, click +New.
Purchase a number. You will have the option of choosing local or toll-free numbers and even choose vanity numbers. Once purchased, you are directed to the Edit Phone Number screen.

To edit the voice calls settings:

Under the Voice and Fax Settings section, navigate to Accept Incoming Calls and choose Voice Calls.
For Handle Calls Using, choose LaML Webhooks.
For When a call comes in, enter a link of the form: https:// {your SignalWire Work domain} /laml/ {your-room-name}

To edit the SMS settings:

Under the Messaging Settings section, navigate to Handle Messages Using and choose LaML Webhooks.
For When a message comes in, enter a link of the form: https:// {your SignalWire Work domain} /laml/ {your room name}

SignalWire Work Global Settings
To set the SignalWire Work Global settings, you should have your System Settings open on the Global tab in one browser tab and your SignalWire space open in another.

To set SignalWire Project ID:

In your SignalWire space, choose the Dashboard from the left side menu.
Hover over the Project ID until you see the Copy icon to the right of the Project ID. Click the icon.
Switch back to SignalWire Work and copy the clipboard into the SignalWire Project ID field.

To set SignalWire API Token:

In your Dashboard window of your SignalWire space, scroll down to the Build it Up section and choose Create an API token.
In the upper right of the API Credentials window, click the +New button.
Enter a name (e.g., SignalWire Work) and click Save.
To the right of your newly created API key, click Show and keep your pointer hovered over the API key. To the right, a Copy icon will appear. Click the icon.
Switch back to SignalWire Work and copy the clipboard into the SignalWire API Token field.

To set SignalWire Space URL:

Note your SignalWire Space URL (e.g., and enter into Global tab in the field SignalWire Space URL.

To set Default SMS From Number:

Choose a number from the SignalWire project you pulled your Project ID and API Token number from. The number must in e.164 format.

SignalWire space integration settings

To complete the integration with your SignalWire space:

Ensure you are logged into your desired SignalWire space and project.
Switch to the window with your SignalWire Work account.
From the System menu, choose System Settings.
From the Global Tab, scroll down to the Connector Status section.
If Unconfigured, click Connect Now! A new tab will open to the New FreeSWITCH Connection screen in your SignalWire space. Your SignalWire Work Domain name and Connection Token will be pre-populate for you.
Click Connect. An Edit FreeSWITCH Connection window should appear.
Once you see a green Created Successfully message in the upper right of the screen, close the browser tab to return to you SignalWire Work screen.
Wait 2-3 minutes to allow the syncing process to compete. This step is important. Be patient.
Refresh your browser window.
Verify that your Connector Status is now REGED.

After following these steps, you should test all the functions listed at the top of this article to ensure you've got everything set up correctly!
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