SignalWire Work allows for streaming from YouTube,, and Vimeo. In this article we will cover streaming to Vimeo.

The below components will be needed to accomplish streaming:

Create the Live Stream from Vimeo
Stream Vimeo Live from SignalWire

A Vimeo account is required

Create Live Stream from Vimeo:

Go to
Login to your Vimeo account and click Create live event or Start free demo (for testing).

Click the Connect (RTMPS) tab at the top right. This will give you the RTMPS URL and Stream key

Copy the Vimeo RTMS URL and Stream key.

Combine with URL and Key together.

Example: rtmps://

Stream Vimeo live from SignalWire:

You must be Admin Moderator or Superuser. If you don’t see the three dots (More icon) at the bottom center of the browser, please contact your local IT department.

Click the More button at the bottom center of your web browser. (Chrome is recommended)

Click the Recording tab located between the Room Settings and Video Layout buttons.

Select Remote Broadcast Server from the drop-down menu that is located under Choose a recording or broadcast method

Scroll to Enter the streaming URL field and insert the Vimeo custom streaming URL/Key.

Click the blue START RECORDING button

You should notice in Vimeo that the stream is now live and showing in the top left part of the Vimeo streaming page.

Keep the Record to a file as a backup checked. This will keep a copy of the recording on your SignalWire Work space (

Once you are done with recording and/or streaming to Vimeo, click the blue STOP RECORDING button from the More button at the bottom center of your web browser. Then click the RECORDING tab, scroll down to and click the blue STOP RECORDING button.

The recording/streaming should have stopped and available via Vimeo and on your Signalwire Work space (

To view recordings on your SignalWire Work space( please check this article
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