SignalWire Work allows for streaming from YouTube,, and Vimeo. In this article we will cover streaming to YouTube.

There are 3 components that will be needed to accomplish streaming:

Create the Live Stream from YouTube
Stream YouTube Live from SignalWire
Sending Attendees to YouTube from SignalWire

Here are some definitions that will be useful

Local Broadcast Server - Used to rebroadcast to different work site or different work room
Remote Broadcast Server - Used to live stream to YouTube
Record to File - Used to record directly on the SignalWire site

A YouTube account is required

Create Live Stream from YouTube:

Navigate to and be sure you are logged into your account.
Click the video camera with plus sign icon at the top right hand corner (Create) to bring up a drop down menu.
Choose Go Live.

In the YouTube Live Control Room select START for Right now or Later date.

Click GO for Built-in webcam to stream

Create a title and choose a day & time along with a description to schedule a live event
NOTE: if you are scheduling the live event for a future day, then choose not public - unlisted. You will be able to make it live at the time of the event. Unlisted will make sure it stays hidden until needed.
It is recommended to select Not made for Kids unless this is a video specifically geared towards children.

Approve Stream Preview
Obtain/Copy stream url to modify into URL to be used with SignalWire by clicking on the newly created stream (or by clicking on the stream icon):

Ex. change rtmp:// to rtmp:// e8ub by adding a forward slash and the following stream key: w6cw-9s1f-pbqx-u6rh-e8ub

Enable DVR option should be enabled to record the meeting and stream on YouTube.

Retain the URL from above to be used to Stream YouTube from SignalWire (steps below)

Stream YouTube live from SignalWire:

You must be Admin Moderator or Superuser. If you don’t see the Advanced Controls option at the bottom center of the browser please contact your local IT department.

In the SignalWire Room, select Advanced Controls on the main menu.

Select Recording.
Select Remote Broadcast Server from drop-down menu.
Enter the streaming URL generated/created from YouTube.
Check the box for Record to a file as a backup to generate a recording that can be found in Systems Settings (Optional).

You should notice in YouTube that the stream is now live and showing in the top left part of the youtube streaming page.

Keep the Record to a file as a backup checked. This will keep a copy of the recording on your SignalWire Work space (

Once you are done with recording and/or streaming to YouTube, you stop the recording button by going to the Advanced Controls menu, then click the RECORDING tab, and click the STOP RECORDING button.

Sending Attendees to YouTube from SignalWire

After scheduling the YouTube stream, click the share button on the top right hand corner and copy the link provided.
Navigate to your SignalWire site and click Menu > Administration.

Select Rooms and select the room you will be streaming from.

For TRANSFER TO, input the shared link from YouTube.

Click here for steps on how to Retrieve your local recording after the stream has completed.
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