Like a physical office, SignalWire Work also has the concept of different rooms in its virtual office environments.

In SignalWire Work, a room is where people gather. Most rooms are like physical conference rooms where people speak collaboratively in meetings.

In addition, there are also concepts in rooms that are more like "open offices" where people choose to sit in the same place but are working independently. SignalWire Work features a capability called “Do not disturb” where people establish their presence in the room, but cannot hear or be heard unless they want to join in or if someone “knocks” on their screen.

There are also room types, which include studios for podcasts, or even fun spaces where people can watch videos together at a distance.

Like a physical room, room moderators can "lock the door," preventing other participants from entering. Similarly, room moderators can set a PIN to restrict entry.

In SignalWire Work, rooms can have a name or even an extension number for easy telephone dial-ins.

Just like a physical office, some rooms can be made visible to others. For example, during an "open house," it might be useful to direct external visitors to certain meetings by advertising those rooms on the Home Screen.


Home Screen
Just as certain influencers in a physical office like to "walk the halls," the Home Screen allows visitors (depending on privileges) to see what rooms have activity, as well as to able to "look through glass" at the activity in unlocked rooms.

Home Screen
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