When you have a meeting with a lot of people not everyone's video is shown on the screen (otherwise the video sizes become too small). In these cases you can enable Auto Shuffle. When this is enabled different participants will be rotated in and out of the screen view. This only applies to participants who have their video enabled.

When you are in a room (or call), you can enable this feature by opening the Advanced Controls from the button at the bottom of your screen.

Then select Audience. There you can enable or disable this setting, and when it's enabled you can choose the frequency of rotation:

- Every 30 seconds
- Every minute
- Every 2 minutes
- Every 5 minutes

Even when the feature is disabled, you can manually trigger a shuffle anytime.

This setting is only available to user that has moderator privileges.

This feature is only available to Work Pro and Work Enterprise customers and to all Events customers.
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