As an administrator, you can send audio alerts to all rooms simultaneously. Use cases for this intercom feature include:

Emergencies affecting one or more office locations
Outages of critical internal services
Reminding employees of the start of a company meeting or event

To send a system alert using the intercom feature:

Ensure you are logged in an administrator. Guest users cannot send system alerts using the intercom feature.
In the Lobby (home page), locate the field and type intercom. Press the Create Room button.

When prompted, be prepared to speak your message and press #. You will be given the option to press 1 to send the recording, 2 to review it, or 3 to re-record it.

Once you press 1, the message will be broadcast, along with an alert tone, to all rooms with active participants — except those rooms where the moderator has set "avoid interruptions" from the Rooms tab in the Settings submenu.
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