Within SignalWire, Sidebar Conversations allow participants to have separate video chats with one or more participants in the room without navigating away.

Sidebar Conversations is a feature that must be enabled for your SignalWire Work Instance and must be logged in as an Administrator or Moderator.

Starting a new Sidebar Conversation

Navigate to the call controls near the bottom (bar) of the screen.

Enter a Sidebar Name and choose the participants (those available will be any in that room) for the conversation.

Each participant will need to accept the invitation to join the conversation. After joining the conversation, every participant will have matching colored borders around their video.

Adding new participant to conversation

As an existing participant:
Click on the participant icon to open the participant menu

Click on the pencil icon for the sidebar conversation that you wish to edit/add a new participant to

Click Remove to remove participants or Add to add participants
Click Finish Editing to save

As a participant outside of the conversation:
Use the matching colored borders around the sidebar conversation video to identify the conversation to be joined.
Click Join on the video box of one of the participants

The participants of that sidebar conversation will receive a notification that someone would like to join
One of the participants will need to accept the request so the new participant can join.

Adjusting Ambient Noise Volume
Move the slider from 0 to 100 to adjust the volume of (ambient) noise of the room.

Please take a look at the video below to see Sidebar Conversations in action!

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