SignalWire allows for multiple conference rooms to be available to use at one time. Like in a physical office, these rooms are often used to collaborate with coworkers, work silently, or host networking events.

The Home Screen allows visitors to see the activity in each room through room previews. Room previews show the name of the room, a list of who is currently participating, and a short video clip of the participants who are currently in the conference.
Conferences can be joined from the home screen by clicking the blue Join Room button at the top right of the room preview.
If the name or number of a private conference room is known, it can be called in by using the dialer at the top of the page. When joining a conference from a direct link, the Home Screen will be bypassed and participant automatically added to the call.

The Room Navigator allows for room previews or joining a new room when already in a room. The Room Navigator may be displayed on the right hand side upon entering a room.

To remove the Room Navigator from the screen, click on the X in the top right hand corner of the Room Navigator

To see the Home Screen while already in a conference/room, click Home from the Menu to open a new tab in the browser.

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