Congratulations on your decision to embrace SignalWire, a new collaboration tool that goes beyond ordinary conferencing to new paradigms of remote work, enabling new applications for video communication, and even broadcast quality podcasting.

What is an Administrator?

Each role on SignalWire (User, Moderator, Room Manager, Room Moderator, and Administrator) has innate permissions within the system. Users are able to be granted more than one role or join with no role as a guest. Administrators are able to make global changes like creating new users and rooms, granting roles, configuring room settings, and more. Administrators are not able to use in-room Moderator controls unless they are also granted the role of Moderator. This guide includes the following topics:

User Types
Administration Settings: Users
Granting Roles
Configuring the Home Screen
Creating Rooms
Creating Groups
Inviting Users Into a Room
Calling participants using the Dialer
Security models
Deployment scenarios
Administrator login
Global tab
Users tab
Rooms tab
ClipEEze tab
Recordings tab
Sending system alert messages (intercom)

Before You Get Started

To best utilize this guide, it is helpful to have handy the following:

Your SignalWire Work domain (e.g.,
Your administrator credentials (username / password) to authenticate.
(Optional) Your corresponding SignalWire Space domain and associated administrator credentials. You will need a SignalWire Space to set up external telephone calls and SMS notifications.
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