The Moderator Guide for SignalWire Work will address various topics relating to Moderator and Room Moderator.

Before getting started...

Please make sure you have at least the following:
SignalWire Work domain and room name
Guest Pin and Moderator PIN


Adminstrator username and password

What is a Moderator?

Moderators have permissions that allow them to make changes directly within rooms but not the SignalWire instance itself. This User Type is global which means moderators have these permissions in every room they have access to. Examples of these permissions include transferring users, audio and video muting other participants, and playing and controlling media.

What is a Room Moderator?

Room moderators have the same set of permissions as moderators but are limited to specific rooms. For example, a room moderator may be able to mute and unmute participants in the 'Sales' room but only have the permissions of a registered user in the 'Marketing Room.'

Room Settings
How to invite others to your room
Playing ClipEEze into a room
How to Highlight Speakers
Moderator Controls - Raising Hands
Moderator Controls - Mute All Microphones
Audience Controls
How to access Video Layouts
Using PowerPoint with SignalWire Work (Mac)
How to avoid interruptions - Moderator
Dynamic Video Layouts
Rotate participants in an out of the video so everyone has equal screen time
How to File Share w/ a PDF
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