This guide will help to direct you to articles to prepare for and resolve issues that may arise while using SignalWire.

How to get help from SignalWire

Initial Troubleshooting

Reset SignalWire Work Password
Resolving SignalWire Issues
Update SignalWire Work Version

Browser/OS Permission Settings

The preferred browser for SignalWire Work is Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge Permission Settings
Google Chrome Permssion Settings
Firefox Permission Settings
Safari Permission Settings (MacOS)
Safari on iOS Permission Settings
Opera Permission Settings
Update MacOS Permission Settings for Microphone, Camera, and Screen Recordings
Update Windows Permission Settings for Camera & Microphone
How to Share Whole Screen or Application in Google Chrome

Operating/Security Settings

Webcam Anti-Virus Issues
Default Ports


Identifying Audio Quality Issues
Using AirPods with SignalWire Work and SignalWire Events


Screen Sharing Looping
Webcam Anti-Virus Issues


Default Port Ranges
Potential Networking Issue - Prioritizing Audio Over Video
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