The Global tab is where you configure the following elements:

Auto-created rooms
Home Screen
Integration your SignalWire space

Auto-Create Rooms
Determines whether SignalWire Work will create a room when dialed by name or whether rooms must be preconfigured in the Rooms tab. This setting plays a key role in the security model in use. When enabled, it facilitates a more open deployment scenario. When disabled, it facilitates a more curated deployment scenario.

Customizations for Auto Created Rooms

PIN — Numerical PIN for guests to join rooms.
Moderator PIN — Numerical PIN for moderators to join rooms.
Require Moderator — Determines whether guests can speak to each other before the Moderator arrives in a conference.

Meeting Options
Auto End — Ends a conference when only a single participant remains in a conference that previously contained multiple participants.
Allow ClipEEze — Determines whether guests can play ClipEEze into the conference.
Warn before joining — Plays entry announcement to current participants when a new participant joins the room.
Stereo Audio — Adjusts the audio levels of the left and right speaker output based on the speaker's relative position on the video layout.
Disable Chat — Hides the chat button and window from all users, including administrators.
One Way Chat — Hides guest users' text chats from other guests, showing only their own chats and those from Moderators. Moderators can see chats from all users. One Way Chat can be used for instances where a Moderator wants to monitor questions, for example, in a Q and A setting.

Advanced options
Default flags — customizes the room settings for advanced administrators only. Technical documentation for advanced administrators is linked here.
Overlay images — customizes the graphics of all rooms; for advanced administrators only. Technical documentation for advanced administrators is linked here.

Home Screen
The Home Screen is a part of the SignalWire Work dialer screen displayed by visiting your SignalWire Work domain.

Always show the Room Dialer — show or hide the dialer from guest participants who are not logged in as admin.
Home Screen Header — html editor to define any custom headers for the home screen.
Home Screen Footer — html editor to define any custom footers for the home screen.
Open House Mode — whether to show rooms that are not advertised. Rooms should be set with the option "Hide this room from all previews" to prevent appearance on the Home Screen and Room Navigator when enabled.

Room Navigator
The Room Navigator allows users to see a list of the rooms that are currently in use while they are participating in another conference. The Room Navigator is hidden by default, users can open it in the System Menu.

Auto Open Room Navigator — When the Auto Open Room Navigator box is checked, the Room Navigator will be open by default when users enter the room.

Integration with Your SignalWire space
Integration with a SignalWire space enables SignalWire Work to:

invite callers to rooms on-demand via phone call or SMS
automatically dial out to other callers when the first participant joins a room
send SMS messages to notify recipients when new participants join a room

To enable integration with SignalWire the following fields are required for use with SMS:

SignalWire Project ID — the project ID from your SignalWire space.
SignalWire API Token — an API token generated for your project from your SignalWire space. Your SignalWire space admin can create a unique API token for dedicated use by SignalWire Work
SignalWire Space — the domain name of your SignalWire space (e.g.,
SMS From Number — the default SignalWire number in that SignalWire space from which text messages should originate (e.164 format) - e.g., +12125551212
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