Advanced SignalWire Work administrators are able to use tags & flags to customize the theme of the rooms they create.

While using multiple Tags & Flags, separate Flags by using a semicolon ( ; ) and separate Tags by using a comma ( , )


File will download to the local server the first time it plays. If the server restarts, the next time it plays it will download again. Possibly could play larger videos better.

When using Drop Box to prevent the delay in loading the video.

When using Drop Box if you need to force a refresh of the video use this one time, then use the {cache=true,abs_cache_control=-1} Tag above.

Auto plays the set volume where x=a number. -10 is background music, -5 is fairly loud. DO NOT set for full volume

No video playing, just audio of the URL.

Use when playing a URL that you want to show up in a particular layout role (replace "role" with the name of the role the layout wants, ex. left/right/screen/etc)

Entering Tags

Tags are used in the AutoPlay URL field to adjust the way a video is displayed in the room. To enter tags:

Navigate to Menu.

Click on Administration.

Click Rooms and then click on the room to be customized/edit.

Click on Customizing Your Theme.

Insert the tag or tags into the AutoPlay URL field:


When locking/unlocking room won't play the "your conference is now locked"

Doesn't give the message "you are now muted", ex. in a meeting where moderator is
muting and unmuting people you may not want that feedback.

Video mute on entry of the room

Audio mute on entry of the room

Will NOT show a persons video feeds when video muted
BENEFITS include; won't jump the number in the audience until there are that many unmuted people.
CONS include: you have to remember there are other people in the room even though you can't see them.

No SignalWire videos playing when you are alone

No sound when people enter or exit other than the first and last person.

No video playing when people enter the room

Guests CANNOT screen share unless granted moderator permission

When someone screen shares, it will NOT automatically go full screen. Use in cases when
you want layout control of where the screenshare appears

Locks mute for non-moderators

No banner before you enter the room

Entering Flags

Flags are used in the Default Flags URL field to change the settings on the room level or can be applied on the global level to assign a specific feature to all rooms. To enter flags:

Navigate to the Menu.

Click on Administration.

Click Rooms and then click on the room to be customized/edit.

Click on Customizing Your Theme.

Insert the flag or flags into the Default Flags field:

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