To join a SignalWire room for the first time, a participant may have been given one or more of the following:

SignalWire domain and room name
Room name: example-room

Full SignalWire room URL

Telephone number for voice only participants

Guest PIN

Moderator PIN

Administrator user name and password

SignalWire can be opened in a new Web browser window to make it easier to switch tabs frequently between calls.

To join SignalWire for the first time, enter the SignalWire domain or full room URL in the browser address bar. As a first time user, SignalWire will prompt for the email address

After entering the email address, you will be prompted to enter name and company to be shared with other conference participants. There will be 3 options to join the room:

Join As Guest -
Already have an account - Email address and password
Login with SignalWire - Use Single Sign-On (SAML)

This information (email address, name, and company) can be used for the banner (also known as a "lower-third" among media professionals) that is displayed with the video feed or avatar during conferences.

SignalWire uses to display a custom image when you mute your video feed during a conference. Navigate to, sign up for an account and use the email address that will be displayed in SignalWire to set up the avatar.

Before allowing access to a room, SignalWire will prompt for granting permissions to the browser. As SignalWire uses the device's camera and microphone to participate in conferences, the browser permissions will need to be granted for both.

Below are some articles explaining how to set up browser permissions for different browsers:

Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge
Safari for Mac
Safari for iOS
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