To share presentations, software demonstrations or other applications, SignalWire allows for screen sharing using the built in features of your web browser.

To start screen sharing, click on the Share Screen button on the Main menu

Select the application window to share. This step is dependent upon browser and operating systems. Specific instructions can be found below:

Avoid selecting Your Entire Screen as it will result in looping (Click here for more info).






Safari ONLY allows for full screen sharing. You will not have the option to select an application window or tab as you would in Chrome, Edge, etc.

To stop screen sharing, click on the Stop Share button from the main menu. It should now be highlighted green to indicate that screen sharing is active

Audio can be shared using the Chrome tab.

Click Share Screen

Select the Chrome Tab and check Share audio in the bottom left corner.

When possible, you should limit your sharing to an application window rather than the entire screen to avoid inadvertent sharing of sensitive information, such as your email. If you do share your entire screen, try to close all applications that you do not plan to present from.
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