All Video On - Turns all users' video's on within the room, even those that are video muted.
All Video Off - Video mutes all users' video within that room.

Mute All - Audio mute's all users in the room.
Unmute All - Unmutes ever users' audio within that room.

Audience Volume Control
Increases/decreases the volume of any user not assigned to a role. Useful for events where the audience feedback, such as laughter, is wanted but can't be distracting.

User Banners
Show Banners - Shows banners (or Lower Thirds) for all users in the room.
Hide Banners - Hides banners for all users in the room.

Hand Raising
Lower All Hands - Lowers the hand of any user who has "hand raising" on. This is useful for events where audience members may have forgotten to lower their hands after a Q and A session.

Auto Shuffle
Auto Shuffle allows you to select a time frame of either 30 seconds, every minute, every 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or every hour. The audience will automatically display new audience members depending on the time frame you chose so that every participant gets a chance to be seen in the audience layout.

Shuffle Now
Shuffle Now immediately shuffles and swaps out the participants who are seen in the audience layout. This gives everyone a chance to be seen on screen when you have more users than spots in a layout.

Destroy Room
Remove All Participants - Shut down a room by kicking every user. This button will ask you "Are you sure?" to avoid accidentally destroying the room.
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