As a SignalWire moderator & administrator, sessions can be recorded and then downloaded in .mp4 format.

When files are locally recorded on SignalWire Work, they can be retrieved in the System Settings under the Recordings tab.

Files are sorted by the name or number of the room the video was recorded in. Each .mp4 file has a timestamp underneath it and a date (yyyy-mm-dd) to show when it was originally recorded.

To download a recording:

Click on the Menu in the top right corner

Click on Administration

Click on Recordings. There will be a listing of all recordings for each room. The Room Search option can be used to filter recordings by room.

Clicking on the download icon to the right of the listed recording will automatically start the download.

If it does not:

Depending on the browser, the recording may open in a new tab

The browser will prompt to login with SignalWire username and password.

Right click on the video (in the new tab) and click Save Video as
The dialog will appear to save the file

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