With SignalWire Events a virtual Karaoke can be set up.

Setting up Karaoke Canvas Layout

Click on the Advanced Controls

Click on Canvas Layout

Select Karaoke (Second Source) Audience or Karaoke Audience from the Canvas Layout drop-down menu

Select Performer, Special Guest 1, or Special Guest2 from the Set Auto Role drop-down menu

More in depth description of each layout can be found here

Playing a video or song

To play a video (for sing-a-long), click Advanced Controls

Click Media

Enter the url to a YouTube video (for example) or MP4 file to play into the File URL to Play field and the select the corresponding Video Playback Role from the drop-down menu. Click Play

Please be advised that audio will be on a default setting initially but any changes to the audio during the audio session can negatively affect experience and can only be changed back to the default settings upon leaving and re-entering the room.
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